14. Can I use my shop air for operating the dry ice blasting system?

Yes, the COB and COMBI series are specially designed for use with shop air, but there are certain conditions that must be met:

• Typical shop air is delivered at 5 to 7 bar. This pressure is sufficient for many applications.
• Sufficient airflow must be available. At 6 bar, the COB units consumes 1 to 3 m³/min depending of gun type and nozzle. The COMBI with the largest gun consumes up to 10 m³/min but in that case the speed is also increased significantly.
• In case of less available air volume, adapted guns and nozzles should be selected.
• Shop air is dry in most cases. Drying up to a dew point of 0°C is sufficient in most cases. Drying up to -20°C is optimal.

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