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Your partner for dry ice blasting machines for industrial cleaning and dry ice cleaning!

We have been producing dry ice blasting machines and dry ice production machines under the brand name CRYONOMIC®  for more than 30 years. We are specialised in manufacturing and designing dry ice cleaning machines, abrasive blasting and (semi-) automated solutions.

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CRYONOMIC® is your partner for dry ice blasting equipment: dry ice blasters, dry ice pelletisers and dry ice containers!

Everything for a clean industry In the area of industrial cleaning systems, CRYONOMIC® offers innovative and advanced solutions for all requirements. 

Dry ice blasting or dry ice cleaning is a technology that uses dry ice pellets for cleaning without water, cleaning without chemicals or replacing the manual cleaning job. Dry ice blasting machines are used in many industries for different application such as mould cleaning, renovation activities, machine cleaning, etc …

Dry ice pellets are made with our CRYONOMIC® dry ice production machines. All the CRYONOMIC® dry ice machines are hydraulically driven and they can all produce crystal-hard dry ice of different diameters: 3 mm pellets are used for cleaning & 10 and 16 mm sticks are used for cooling, cooled transport (catering, medical products, …) and other processes. The refrigerated transport with dry ice of the COVID-19 vaccine is an excellent example of this.

Furthermore, CRYONOMIC® also assemble dry ice containers to keep your dry ice fresh. The containers are made with an isolation technique that assures a perfect attachment of the isolation with the inner and outer walls of the container. Even in contact with low temperatures of dry ice the walls of the dry ice container will not deform.