Czyszczenie suchym lodem z ścierniwem

For what applications can dry ice grit blasting help you?

CRYONOMIC® has sold many dry ice grit blasting machines for different applications. The dry ice grit blasting machines are in-house developed and manufactured for light and heavy jobs, such as derusting, paint stripping, ...

Here are some applications and industries where the CRYONOMIC® dry ice grit blasting technique has proven its effect and has become essential!

• derusting and paintstripping
• cleaning with dry ice and abrasives at power plants
• dry ice grit blasting in food processing
• cleaning with dry ice and abrasives in chemical industry
• paint stripping with dry ice and abrasives
• dry ice grit blasting on constructions

Grit & dry ice blaster

With blasting dry ice one can remove 'fly' rust only because dry ice is soft and does not damage nor scratch the substrate. If you want a shiny or rough finish you need to remove the toplayer with an abrasive hard medium that is harder than the substrate. The 'Dry Ice & Grit Blaster' allows to add a little bit abrasive 'sand' to the dry ice and gives that shiny & rough result.