Čištění výrobních zařízení

How can dry ice blasting help you in cleaning production equipment? 

CRYONOMIC® has sold many machines for cleaning production equipment with dry ice blasting. The dry ice blasting machines are in-house developed and manufactured for light and heavy jobs, such as cleaning production equipment.

Here are some projects we realised with the CRYONOMIC® dry ice blasting machines:

  • removing crude oil from pumps with dry ice cleaning
  • cleaning sieving machines with dry ice
  • cleaning heat exchangers with dry ice
  • cleaning conveyors

Download our press release about cleaning production equipment.

Videos of dry ice cleaning

Cleaning production equipment with dry ice blasting systems

Dry ice cleaning is particularly interesting for removal of hazardous products because we do not add any water, sand, etc... All used dry ice pellets simply turn to gas! In many cases the products are recycled instead of being expensive waste!